Traditional Arts Centre

Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore) Ltd is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026.


Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore), founded in 2012, is an Institution of Public Character supported under National Arts Council’s Major Company scheme. TAC is the only Base of Practice Teaching established by China National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.

Founded by Ms. Cai Bixia, a recipient of the NAC Young Artist Award (2008), TAC is committed to promoting traditional arts and Chinese culture.  It organises training, research and performance activities, as well as undertakes multiple tasks of promoting, enhancing and educating opera talents.  In addition, TAC actively promotes cultural exchanges at home and abroad, and spares no effort to build a unique Singapore opera culture.

The primary mission of TAC is to train and groom young talents, so as to promote Chinese opera in Singapore.  In addition to popularising and preserving traditional characteristics of Chinese opera, TAC re-creates operas with local flavours and incorporates new elements, in order to attract new audiences and promote the development of Singapore opera arts.


TAC is dedicated to create platforms for young opera performers and audiences, as well as cooperate with internationally renowned institutions to regularly host Singapore Masterclass on Traditional Opera, Singapore Youth Opera Showcase, Chinese Opera Extravaganza and International Academic Chinese Opera Seminars.  This will consolidate expertise of both local and foreign performers, scholars and arts organisations, thereby strengthen international cooperation and open a new frontier for Chinese opera in Singapore.

Cai Bi Xia
Cai Bi Xia – Artistic Director

Cai Bi Xia is the founder and Artistic Director of the Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore) as well as a recipient of the NAC Young Artist Award (2008).


Cai Bi Xia received professional training in Fujian Nanjing Arts School under Beijing opera Master Liu Zao Yu at her young age. With the set of excellent results, she was admitted into Shantou Opera Institute thereby starting her arduous journey as a professional artiste, training in vocal, martial arts and all forms of performing skills. Since 1997, Cai Bi Xia has been actively involved in directing and coaching students in many schools of Singapore. She has a strong mission to promote traditional culture by perpetuating roles in the classical masterpieces and involving in active research. She has published two books about Chinese opera on 2003 and 2008 respectively. Cai Bi Xia also represents Singapore to speak at several overseas conferences as well as taken Chinese Opera to 16 countries in all continents, performing at international art festivals around the world. 

Li Chuanxue – Senior Arts Instructor

Graduated from the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Chinese Opera performing. Miss Li has been an Arts instructor of the Hainan Culture School since 2013. In 2020, she joined Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore) to coach students for the traditional art form at our local schools. Miss Li is well versed in Wu Dan (Female warrior role), and her outstanding operatic work includes Hu Jia Village 《扈家庄》, Robs Immortal Grass 《白蛇传. 盗仙草》, Liu`s Rescue  《女杀四门》. Li has taken Chinese Opera in the United States of America, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Hong Kong, performing at all the major art festivals around the globe.

Tan Kok Lye
Tan Kok Lye – Assistant Arts Instructor
He received tutelage under Lin Yun Yu and Zhu Shao Chen from Shantou Opera School of Guandong Province, China. Mr Tan is being engaged by TAC as the assistant instructor in year 2013. He is specialized in the Lao Sheng role, he demonstrated outstanding performance in Teochew Opera show like Guan Gong and Diao Chan, Butterfly Dream, The lawsuit against husband and Fire at Pavilion. Mr Tan has also taken part in many International Arts festivals, cultural Exchanges and performances around the world. In 2006, he recorded the Singapore Chinese Local Opera Album – Teochew Opera Edition, which was very well received.

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